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EvoCrop is a real time cropping records management tool designed for use during operation for farmers by farmers. Whole of operation data entry is included, from sowing through to harvest and marketing of grain. EvoCrop has been designed to be simple to use, cost effective and flexible to suit farming operations throughout Australia, all in an attractive and professional package.
EvoCrop can be used offline or online so you can use the app even when you don’t have internet connection. It has a simple syncing process to securely store all of your records on a remote server and share your data with other users using a simple login system. Data entry is made simple with auto entry drop down menus, filled with your preference of options. All entries can be edited or completed at a later date should data not be on hand at time of entry. In addition, choose how much or how little you use of the program. None of the fields within the app are compulsory.
Unlike other apps, EvoCrop does not require an ongoing user account. A one-off purchase of the EvoCrop app provides you with ongoing access to all features of the system, including upgrades into the future.

Reporting features of the app are comprehensive and satisfy business operations that require hardcopy storage of cropping records. Rustic Evolutions also provides a 24 hour support service to users, to assist in making the most out of your electronic cropping records system.

EvoCrop was primarily developed to reduce out of hours office time for busy farmers, whilst maintaining a professional level of business record keeping. Rustic Evolutions hopes that the time and energy you save using this app will be invested into building your business and giving you time to achieving a work/life balance.
Key features: